Saturday, 21 November 2009

Cute Mini Book with instructions

I saw a book like this in a local shop, went home and spent hours working out exactly how to make it. I like the way the pages explode into a fairly flat shape making it ideal for lots of mini photos. Cut a piece of paper 8” by 4”

Then you need to fold your paper. I used a scoring blade as you can score all the folds accurately. If you don’t have a scoring blade you could use a bone folder.

Then in the middle of the rectangle, cut 1” in both sides, (dark blue line on the picture.)

Then you need to make the 1” square folds in each corner.

The folds in the books are mountains (going up towards you) or valleys (opposite direction) I hope this diagram shows you which direction the folds need to go in.

The pink lines are folds that go up/mountains. The turquoise lines are folds that go down/valleys. The black lines are where you have already cut your paper.

Once you have managed your squished together folds, you need to make a cover for your mini book.

Cut a strip of card 2.5” wide and 9” long. Use the scoring blade for folds at the following measurements. 2.5” then 2” then 2” and finally 2.5”

I glued a piece of ribbon on the inside of the card before I stuck the folded mini book on the top, this makes a nice closure.

I added lots of mini photos, the beauty of this book is that you can place so many tiny photos. They don’t have to be stuck completely to each fold, some of mine come off the edge but fold away beautifully when it comes to close the book.

Im going to try adapting this pattern to make a larger book, and will post instructions as soon as I have worked it out.


  1. Wow Debbie! I can well believe this took hours to work out. Thank you for the instructions - can't wait to see the bigger one.

  2. Looks Fab, thanks for the instructions!