Monday 15 March 2010

Mothers Day Card

I have been experimenting with canvas and embossing and decided to use my experimental bits to make a Mothers Day card for my mum.

Sunday 14 March 2010

Altered things!

Last month my friend and I organised a fund raising day for a local hospice, to raise some extra money I altered some plastic boxes and lids into something useful.

I often find that I use the same recipes over and over again, they are always in different cookbooks, and if DH cooks, the pages are splattered with his culinary achievements, (a failsafe way to spot a good recipe in our house). I decided to make a wipe clean recipe book for those recipes we use time and time again.

The covers are plastic, they came from a large lid cut down into the right size, but plastic file folders or dividers would work just as well. The inside pages are printed and then laminated.

The box that my recipe book goes in has been covered with paint dabbers, and then I used a phone directory and decopatch glue to stick strips randomly on the front. I used a lime green paint dabber and a baby wipe to make a colour wash all over the cover once the glue was dry, and added a couple of embellishments and the word recipes.

The ribbon boxes had a clear see through lid, a friend suggested punching holes and after decorating I think it makes a rather nice ribbon holder.

The mini book has yet to be decorated, I used two sheets of plastic with holes punched in for the front and back cover and then cut half a sheet into squares to use as tabs on each page. A really simple idea but a good way of recycling.