Friday 9 April 2010

Sketch challenge for Modscraps

Ellie has a sketch challenge for Modscraps, although I don't often work with four photos I really enjoyed making this layout.

Thursday 8 April 2010

Make your own moulds

My friend Lynne recently spent a couple of hours showing my friends and I how to use a melt pot. I am currently saving my pennies to buy one of my own. When I saw a lady at the NEC who was using aluminium foil tins and a heat gun to melt the utee I realised I could start experimenting while I saved.

After hours of googling, I think what I have is gel flex, (an identical product apparently is vinamold.) I had this product from years and years ago to make plaster moulds. What I like about it is you can re-melt it, if your mould doesn't work out, so there is no waste.

I melt mine in a jug in the microwave, check on it every 10 seconds, less if it is close to being totally melted as it can quickly go over the temperature and burn.

I have used silicone cupcake moulds to pour the melted gel flex over. It cools down fairly quickly and shows the detail of very delicate things.

Then you are ready to melt your utee and use it to make your own embellishments.I have used old keys, big jewelry from the 80's and little trinkets to make my moulds but the possibilities are endless.I hope you might be inspired to have a go at making your own moulds, I will be looking out for old fashioned keys etc to make more.
Debbie x