Saturday 26 June 2010

Funny things mini book

I work in an infants school and the children often say funny things. I made this book for a colleague so that she can write down some of those things before they are forgotten.

Sunday 20 June 2010

Making your own cog moulds

DSC08398 (500 x  375) DSC08359

I was lucky enough to find some old cogs and clock parts from DH's Grandfather who used to mend clocks. I love the detail in them however realised making my own moulds would not be as straightforward as other items.

I used gel flex (blue) or you can used vinamould (red) to make the moulds, and silicone cupcake cases to pour the gel flex into. As the cogs have a very long spindle I needed to cropodile a hole in the middle of the silicone cases to make a suitable mould.

The silicone cupcase then had to be supported (I used small boxes and two small pieces of MDF to make sure the silicone case was flat and would make a perfect mould.

Once you have covered the cog you need to let the mould set and take the cog out. Then you need to cover the hole and pour more gel flex over the mould to finish it off.

DSC08356 DSC08358

I am still trying to make a suitable mould for the cogs with much finer detail, if anyone has any tips they would be greatly appreciated.

Debbie x